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workshop series
Spring2020 @ Online
keynote and program

Migration, Globalization and the Knowledge Economy Workshop.


14:50-15:00 — (Central European Summer Time)
Stefano Breschi and Andrea Morrison,
Bocconi University

15:00-16:20 —

Session 1

Paper 1: Megan MacGarvie (Boston University): “Jobs and Salaries of Chinese US-granted STEM PhDs and Immigration Policy Implications

Paper 2: Julia Zhu (Cornell University): “Immigration Policies in the Global Context: Effect of International Student Enrollment on College Completion of U.S. Domestic Students

Paper 3: Sara Signorelli (PSE): “Too Constrained to Grow: Analysis of Firms’ Response to the Alleviation of Skill Shortages

Paper 4: Andrea Ariu (University of Milan): “Foreign Workers, Product Quality, and Trade: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

16:20-16:40 —
Questions from the audience

16:40-16:50 —
Virtual coffee break

16:50-18:10 —

Session 2:

Paper 1: Raj Choudhury (Harvard Business School): “Title TBA

Paper 2: Ina Ganguli (University of Massachusetts Amherst): “How Does Return Migration Impact Knowledge Production? Evidence from China’s Thousand Talents Program”

Paper 3: Olof Ejermo (Lund University): “Home, Sweet Home? Migrant Selection and Returnee Location in the Age of Mass Migration”

Paper 4: Caroline Viola Fry (MIT): “Building Bridges: The impact of return migration by African scientists”

18:10-18:30 —
Questions from the audience

18:30 —

Megan MacGarvie

Megan MacGarvie is Associate Professor of Markets, Public Policy and Law at Questrom School of Business, Boston University.

Click here for more information.

Prithwiraj Choudhury

Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury is the Lumry Family Associate Professor in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at the Harvard Business School.
He studies the Geography of Work and Innovation, how firms manage geographic mobility of employees. In a separate stream of research, he studies how Machine Learning methods could be applied in research and practice. Prior to academia, he worked at McKinsey & Company, Microsoft and IBM.

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